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Ooh-la-la Beadtique is a creation of Kvetka, an artist and designer from Toronto, Ontario - Canada. Kvetka was an accomplish, and gifted artist from young age. After graduating from Ontario College of Art and Design, she began exploring number of creative venues, beaded jewelry as a profound one. Fueled by her love for absolute beauty and dire need to find quality, unique jewelry pieces, she began her journey towards becoming a professional jewelry artist. Her fascination with the exquisite colors and textures found in natural gems, minerals, crystals and shells initially resulted in pieces meant for her personal adornment only. Friends and strangers alike would comment on Kvetka's original pieces and she would often end up selling them right off her body. Many soon clamored for their own one-of-a-kind creations. The appeal for Kvetka's pieces grew, and demanded more of her time, so she began to work full time designing and making jewelry from unique stones, shells, cultivated pearls, wood and glass beads as she continues to grow as a designer increasing her skills and her love of design.



Art has been a part of my soul ever since I can remember. My earliest inspirations came from my grandmother's jewelry boxes. She had stacks of boxes filled with gems and antique jewelry that fascinated me. My love of jewelry and the arts has led me into creating beaded body adornment. I started beading at an early age, but it was not until I’ve finished my college degree, when I’ve decided to combine my two passions into one, and create one of a kind jewelry line, and beaded works. My inspiration comes from all over the place, originating in my own backyard, parks and other natural surroundings. I spend countless hours flipping through art history books, visiting museums, going to flea markets, and traveling back roads looking for vintage costume jewelry. Motivated by the timeless treasures that I discover, I return to my home studio eager to work on new pieces. I feel that by combining unique qualities of vintage designs, nature motives, modern glass beads, crystals, stones, sea shells, wood and leather, I’ll able bring life to my own creations. I strive to challenge the boundaries of design by creating handmade jewelry using classic patterns and contemporary materials.



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