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Don't play the guessing game, give your near and dear once what they want. How? Let them pick it.


There are several advantages of using a gift card. It always fits and never needs to be returned! If speed is your priority, an Ooh-la-la Beadtique Gift Card sent by email is the perfect last minute gift solution. It also saves a lot of time as you don’t have to endlessly browse through several shops and markets, in search of that right gift. In addition it allows you to save considerable amount of money, and at the same time allows the receiver to choose an item of his or her preference.


You can be confident that Ooh-la-la Beadtique Gift Cards will be simple and convenient to order. Our gift cards are available in $25, $50, $75, $100, $150 and $200 denominations. Delivered by regular mail, or electronically. If speed is your priority, an Ooh-la-la Beadtique Gift Card sent by email is the perfect last minute gift solution.


Ooh-la-la Beadtique accepts Visa, Mastercard, Amex, debit card, and Paypal.

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$25 Gift Card

$50 Gift Card

$75 Gift Card


$100 Gift Card

$150 Gift Card

$200 Gift Card





Can I order several Gift Cards on one order?

Multiple mailed gift cards can be purchased on one order. However, emailed gift cards require you to place each one on a separate order to ensure message and delivery information is correct.


Can my Gift Card expire?

No, but we would like it redeemed in a reasonable time frame.

Can I specify how much of my gift card I would like to use during a purchase?

No, our sales system will use available credit to pay for all products, including shipping on the order. If the order total exceeds available credit you will be asked for an additional method of payment to cover the total cost of your order. If your order total is lower than available credit, the remaining credit will be saved in our sales system and available to be used on future purchases.

How will I know how much value is remaining on my card?

After each purchase made with a gift card, a statement email will be send to your, notifying you of the value remaining on the gift card. You can also find out the remaining value by contacting us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Can Gift Cards be 'reloaded' with additional amounts?

Gift cards cannot be "topped up" after being used, however additional cards can be purchased. Also, balances cannot be transferred from one card to another.

What happens if a Gift Card is lost or stolen?

Since gift cards are almost like cash, we cannot issue replacements for lost or stolen cards. In the unlikely event your order of cards is lost during delivery to you, we can deactivate the cards in our system and issue you a new supply.

Where are Gift Cards redeemable?

Gift cards are redeemable ONLY at our online store at The cards are NOT redeemable at Ooh-la-la Beadtique booths, located at any craft festivals and events.

Can an item purchased with a Gift Card be returned?

Yes an item purchased with a gift card can be returned, or exchanged. When using a gift card, it is important NOT to discard it after use. If you choose to return any of the merchandise purchased with it, the value of the merchandise will be credited back onto your gift card.

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